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Service fee 30% off for next loan  

Your Life Time Financial Health Partner


Taking 30 days term as examples

Lowest Loan Value

a) value of money received by the Borrower:  Rp 500,000

b) value of money to be returned: Rp 520,250

c) total cost:  Rp 20,250

d) percentage of total cost per day: 0.14%

Highest Loan Value

a) the amount of money received by the Borrower: Rp 5,000,000

b) value of money to be returned: Rp 5,600,000

c) total cost:  Rp 600,000

d) percentage total cost per har: 0.40%

Company Informations

5,866 Billion
Total Accumulated Loans Since Inception
1,717 Billion
Total Accumulated Loans for the Year
315 Billion
Total Outstanding Loans
1700 K
Amount of Accumulated Borrowers
713 K
Number of Active Borrowers
CS Number:






Calender of event

No. Tanggal Nama Kegiatan Tempat
1 10-Jan-20 BNI Annual Risk Training : "Pelatihan Sinergi Fintech P2P Lending dan Bank" Lombok
2 27-Feb-20 s.d 28-Feb-20 FINEAST 2020 Kupang : Membangun Ekonomi Digital Di Indonesia Timur Kupang
3 11 Juni 2020 Penandatanganan Kerja Sama bersama Ditjen Dukcapil Kemendagri dan 13 Institusi Zoom Meeting
4 22 Juni 2020 Webinar bersama Menko Maritim dan idEA (Asosiasi E-commerce Indonesia) Zoom Meeting
5 17 Juli 2020 Virtual Focus Group Discussion (FGD) : Regulatory Technology (RegTech) & Supervisory Technology (SupTech) untuk Meningkatkan Kualitas Ekosistem Keuangan Digital di Indonesia oleh Otoritas Jasa Keuangan (OJK) Zoom Meeting
6 24 Agustus 2020 OJK Virtual Innovation Day 2020 : Accelerating Economic Recovery through Financial Technology Innovation oleh Otoritas Jasa Keuangan (OJK) Zoom Meeting
7 10 September 2020 TaxTalk - e-Bupot Implementasi dan Tantangannya oleh pbTaxand Zoom Meeting
8 29-30 September 2020 Partisipasi CEO dalam Musyawarah Nasional (MUNAS) AFPI, dimana CEO diminta dan terpilih menjadi Dewan Pengawas AFPI Zoom Meeting
9 24 & 29 September 2020 Sosialisasi Sitem Informasi Pelaporan Terintegrasi (SILARAS) Fintech Lending oleh Otoritas Jasa Keuangan (OJK) Zoom Meeting
10 1-31 Oktober 2021 Bulan Inklusi Keuangan (BIK) 2021 Jakarta
11 18 Oktober 2021 Webinar: Peranan Artificial Intelligence dan Big Data di Industri Fintech : Pengenalan kepada Cendikiawan Muda Zoom Meeting
12 18 Oktober – 2 November 2021 FIN EXPO 2021 Virtual Expo : www.finexpo-bik2021.id

Who Are We

We commenced our lending fintech platform in Indonesia since December 2016, under the control by the parent company of Hadoop Fintech (Hong Kong) Limited, a limited liability company incorporated in Hong Kong.

We are aimed to launch mobile innovation for more financial inclusion service the underbanked people. Our technology enables qualified borrowers to access affordable and flexible digital credit through mobile devices.

We are intended to be a leading lending fintech platform in Indonesia connecting investors and individual borrowers. Our online platform automates key aspects of our operations and enables us to efficiently approve qualified borrowers’ application and execute loan transactions. Leveraging the extensive experience of our management team, we provide an effective solution to address largely underserved individual borrower demand in Indonesia. Our borrowers come from a variety of channels, including online sources, such as the internet, social networks and our mobile applications, as well as offline sources, such as referrals from sales network and word of mouth by existent borrowers.

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Our Advantages

Swift lending

15 minutes to apply, 2 - 48 hours to approve

All submission on the phone

all submission on the phone, you don't need to prepare any paper document

Discount up to 30% for next loan

if you borrow the second time, you can enjoy a 30% discount of service fee

No guarantee needed

You don't need to provide any guarantee such as house, motor or your gadgets

All privacy well proteced

All the information you fill in will only be used for loan verification. We will not leak your informaiton to any third party

Easy to repay

You can pay back easily via ATM, online banking, mobile banking or mini marts. Just relax and enjoy your finacial comfort.

Our mission is to launch mobile innovated financial services to more underbanked people in Indonesia

Repaid is just that easy

 Service fee 30% off for next loan

What our customer said about us

Aplikasi yang sangat mbantu. Trimakasih atas semua respon dan kerjasamanya. Untuk penilainya saya sangat puas dengan semua layanan dan info-infonya. ”  

-- Zidni Alfarezel, Jakarta


Dino Rari Purantara Aldaka

President Director

Dino started his professional career in banking industry since 1995 when he joined the Universal Bank Management Trainee program. When the economic crisis hit Indonesia in 1998, Dino moved to the insurance industry and continued bringing his experience in the banking industry.

Now, Dino has more than 20 years of experience from various industries, ranging from banking, insurance, consumer products, automotive and finally karir.com. Dino's last position was CEO of karir.com, the first online recruitment in Indonesia.



Jasmine is graduated from Fudan University - China and George Washington University - United States with a Master degree, she is a venture capital practitioner in financial technology (Fintech VC Practitioner) in China before establishing Pendanaan. He participated in many Fintech Start-Up and Collection Fund investments, including but not limited to Shouji Dai, a small-scale online loan without collateral, Hanxin, an online payment portal; Bai cai che dai, a P2P loan that focuses on used cars with collateral, and so on

Jasmine also has a change to work in United States from 2010-2012 as a consultant to many United States Commercial Banks and big internet companies in China since 2009. Integrating and combining her knowledge in both fields of industry and bringing funds from China is her main capability.

Luhur Budiyarso

Independent Commissioner

Luhur is a professional in Banking and Finance industry in Indonesia with more than 20 years of experience working in various financial and banking companies. Luhur's last position is the Executive Vice President for Business Incubation from PT. Bank Tabungan Pensiunan Nasional (BTPN). The digital products of JENIUS and BTPN Wow are two products which are the responsibility of Luhur while he was in BTPN

Previously, Luhur have been worked at Bank Permata as Vice President, Astra Insurance and Universal Bank. Luhur has risk management certification for level 1 and 2, and also graduated from Bogor Agricultural Institute (IPB) in 1993.


How long is the approval process?

It only takes you about 15 mins to fill in the information needed. After you submit the application, it will take 2 to 48 hours for the system to verify your application. If our system approves your loan application, the money will be transferred to your bank account in less than 2 days. Note: On weekends you will need a longer time.

Do I need to provide any collateral

You don't need to provide any collaterals such as gold, motorcycle or house. On KTA KILAT you just need to upload photo of your KTP, BPJS/NPWP, Slip Gaji/screenshot of bank transaction.

Will my information be leaked?

We guarantee that your informatin will only be used for your loan verification. We will not leak any of your information to any third party.

Who can apply for the loan?

A person between the ages of 18 and 50, who has a stable job and stable phone number

How do I repay the loan?

We provide several ways for you to repay the loan. By: E-Banking / Mobile Banking / ATM / Minimarket Alfa Group

1. Login / login through the application, find out which number you should return.

2. Click [I Want To Pay] button, use [Bank] option to make payment. You will get a Virtual Account code and steps to make a payment

3. If you want to return via minimarket Alfa Group, choose [Minimarket] and get payment code through your Virtual Account, and show you to shop assistant

What is credit score? How to increase it?

Your credit score is a comprehensive calculation with the system, depends on your return records, the information you provide, how long you use the Quick Fund, and your other personal information your provides. The higher your credit score is, the easier your application will be approved.

Any bad credit behavior in KTA KILAT will have an impact on the loan / vehicle / home mortgage (installment) / credit card application. We encourage you to build a good credit record so that you will enjoy other financial services in the future.

How many times I can borrow from KTA KILAT?

There is no limitation on how many times you can borrow. You just need to repay the previous loan on time then you can borrow another time. 

Unable to upload EKTP / BPJS / screenshots or private photos / personal contacts

Make sure you have entered the correct information and make sure your internet connection is running well, and be in place that get a strong signal. If it still does not work, please contact our customer service.


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